me. but online.

Hello. I'm Chris covert, a

aerospace engineer who studied robotic autonomy at stanford university.

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 I was also given the opportunity to lead a few fun projects in the recent years including the former Google Lunar XPrize team, Lunar Lion, which aimed to put a student-built lunar lander on the moon, and an international sailplane racing competitor, Project Zephyrus, which aimed to build and fly a full-scale composite human-powered aircraft.

 I like to do a lot.

 a lot.

 In my free time, I have been published twice in IEEE, given a small TED talk, and won a hackathon. Given that I also like to sleep, I guess I can safely say that I try to cram as much fun into life as possible.

 I have a Master's.

in aerospace.

 I attended Stanford University, studying aeronautics and astronautics with a focus on autonomy, multi-agent control, and machine learning. I also have a B.S. from Penn State, where I was given the honor of graduating at the top of my class.

 I like projects.

fancy robotics projects.

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 If a picture is worth a thousand words, I have enough books to fill the Library of Congress. I shoot mostly from my cellphone (those cameras are getting pretty good), but I have used just about every type of camera there is.

 I like technology.

 beep boop.

Flying drones, building websites, living in Silicon Valley; I like tech. Easy as that.

 I like adventure.

zoom zoom.

I have always been guided by either my two feet or the two wheels on my bike, and it has led me to quite a few adventures. From climbing mountains to hopping between trains, I like to see the unseen and explore the unexplored.

 I like photography.

 click click.

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