You are a bean, but not a real beany bean. A real beany bean is a food like these guys:



You, on the other hand, are a SPECIAL bean. You are cute and teeny, and you curl up into tiny bean-like shapes.

And it turns out that, after much deliberation, I like you a whole lot (the deliberation was between a lot and a whole lot).






i am a lover of all things YOU.

AND AS A RESULT, I have picked you this bouquet of your favorite flowers.


They may not smell as nice or feel as light as they do in real life, but these will never die.

AND as the time passes, you will continue to create the most passionate art I will ever see and collect the oldest books that float in and out of the many antique stores you'll plunder.

Podcasts will come and go, and you will slowly forget all of the weird things that I say like:


oh my waffles


(this list could get very long)



but as time presses on and we go on to different places, know that I will always love you and cherish my favorite gift of them all:


Love you, bean.

© 2019 by Chris Covert.

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