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Eating across


bonjour! france is beautiful! paris is full of art, normandy is full of bread, and i am filled with cheese.

summer 2013

Bumbling across


blimey! what an amazing place; london may be one of the greatest places in the world, but my favorite was bath (although they didn't let me bathe).

summer 2013

Skipping thru


i got a tour of the european space agency's estec facility in noordwijk, and then went to walk along the canals of amsterdam.

summer 2013

Starting Fresh at

Penn State


time for a new adventure! I can't wait to see what the next four years look like!

fall 2013

Testing with

Lunar Lion

we did it! the PUMA2.0 prototype had it's first ever vertical takeoff and landing test! we can call it a lander now!

fall 2016

Presenting from

Johns Hopkins 


at the applied physics lab getting a tour of the new horizons mission control center and presenting on the lunar lion team!

Fall 2016

Off to Visit


visiting the aerospace department and the aerospace controls lab for a fun tour of their facilities. almost off to grad school.

fall 2016

Launching to

Cape Canaveral

no snow here! first time at kennedy space center and it's a blast!

winter 2016

Recollecting in



at the national air force museum in dayton! they have four hangers full of fun!

spring 2017

Skiing in



spring 2017

i'm here at the 2017 IEEE aerospace conference presenting my first publication:

'agile prototype development of a small planetary lander'

Graduating from

Penn State


penn state was such a blast! graduated at the top of my class and had a blast along the way. we are!

spring 2017

Greetings from

Stanford University

2017 - Present

hello from palo alto! i am studying and enjoying all that california has to offer!